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About Sweet Nutrition



Plant Based Nutrition 

Digestive and Immune Health

Thyroid and Autoimmune Health

Hormonal And Skin Health

Health supportive and free-from

cooking/meal planning




I believe in the power of food. I believe in how it can nourish and rebalance the body and support healing when the right nutrients for each individual are found and introduced.


I experienced it on myself with my own health journey and on my clients. First as a personal chef when through my cooking I would see people smile, appreciate their meals and improve health issues and conditions. It was what I made with my hands that had that power.


And then as a nutritional therapist where I learned about the biochemistry, the physiology and the different pathologies of the body. Symptoms of any condition are a manifestation of an imbalance in the body and as every system in it is interconnected, they can often influence and affect each other.


Through nutritional therapy I’m able to search for the root cause of the problem and support my clients in optimising their health, whatever that journey may entail. I’m able to share my knowledge and empower them to know what is the right choice for them to achieve a long-lasting balance.


And this balance doesn’t have to be overwhelming or boring and it can definitely include desserts that are kinder to your body but will still satisfy your palate while benefitting your mind and soul!





I'm a nutritional therapist that graduated from the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London and a medicinal chef that gained her training from the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts in New York.


Born in Italy, I developed my passion for cooking since a young age and developed a strong belief in the healing power of food that led me to my professional trainings. 


In New York I worked as a private chef for people with special dietary needs as well as a vegan pastry chef in leading restaurants.


And that’s where the sweet before nutrition comes from.


Since childhood I helped my mom baking cakes and sweets, and after finding out about my lactose intolerance I was forced to seek alternatives to dairy and traditional pastry and started learning about vegan cooking.


From vegan pastry I experienced raw cuisine in New York falling in love with the techniques and ingredients and quickly became an expert in raw pastry and desserts. In London, I was pastry manager in prominent raw and vegan restaurants. 


I'm currently working as a private chef and teaching private and group medicinal cooking classes, as well as sharing my knowledge in preparing sinful desserts and chocolate. 


I'm also a holistic health and food writer for both uk and american based publications where I love writing about recipes, health tips and advice, and the nutritional values of foods.

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