May 16, 2017

These days we are surrounded by so many low-fat and low-sugar products that promise to help you lose or manage your weight. But things are finally changing and we are more aware that low-fat diets are not the way forward as they’re high in artificial sweeteners that are labelled calorie-free but loaded with chemicals and additives that are detrimental to health. It’s great to cut out refined sugar but make sure to swap it with alternatives that are naturally derived, minimally processed and still contain some minerals and vitamins in them. Still use them in moderation though as even if they’re healthier options, they’re still sweeteners that add flavour but shouldn't be seen as a main source of dietary nutrients.

Here’s our 5 favourite ones:  

Maple syrup

Maple syrup is derived by boiling the sap of maple trees into a concentrated and sweet syrup.

It is rich in manganese, zinc, calcium and vitamin B2. Manganese and B2 are used by enzymes that are needed for energy production and antioxidan...

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