March 18, 2017

Stress has a huge impact on our immune system, nervous system, skin and hormonal health, basically every cell of our body gets affected. And on our mind as well!

But we often don't realise how many daily actions can contribute to stress or the common stressors in our modern lives that are not easily seen and can secretly sabotage our health.

Here's 5 of the main ones and how to avoid them.


Refined sugar and artificial sweeteners cause spikes in blood sugar. Raised blood sugar levels stimulate the release of cortisol, the main stress hormone in the body.

These fluctuations in blood sugar and insulin levels and constant state of elevated cortisol contribute to chronic stress and can lead to irritability and poor concentration.

Avoid adding sugar to your daily cuppa and swap processed biscuits and cakes for some made with wholesome sweeteners like coconut sugar and brown rice syrup. They have a lower glycemic index and won’t spike blood sugar so much. Or simply snack on fruit, fresh or d...

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